What is a Bulletin Board System?

A Bulletin Board System (BBS) is an Online Service that allows callers to send and receive private E-Mail, read and post messages under topic forums, upload and download files, find tech support, have live "chat" conversations with other callers (public and private), play online games, and much more.

It is NOT the Internet. For example, America Online and CompuServe are just BIG Bulletin Boards!

What makes a local BBS special, is the system speed, personal service, the support, and the members. Click for more info.

People tend to get to know one another on a local service. And they even develop relationships! And keep in mind - these are people in YOUR AREA - not someone from halfway around the globe!

Believe it or not - the Internet DOES NOT HAVE EVERYTHING!

Local Services also cost far less, are MUCH FASTER, and usually much easier to use than a big online service or the Internet.

The Internet has it's purposes, but comparing it to a BBS is like comparing apples and oranges! Think of it this way - where would you rather hang out to relax - at the Club (A BBS) or at an overcrowded mall (The Internet)?

Also - a local online service can be customized to the callers' needs. It adjusts to the members wants and desires, where as the Internet is merely content, and impersonal !

In short, BBSs are what the sysop (System Operator) and the callers make it. So....If there are things you would like to see here, drop the Sysop a note!