R64 E-Mail File Request Help
Maximum File Request : 5 Files
Maximum KB Allowed : 10000 KB

You've reached The File Bank BBS! file request service. To request a file from Internet Rex, your email message must have the subject FREQ, and you must have the line FREQ in the message somewhere. For instance, to FREQ FILES through Internet Rex, create a message like this:

To: freq@fidonet.ph
Subject: FREQ


When file requesting from Internet Rex capable addresses, you can issue the following commands in your message:

FREQ (a file or wildcard) !(password, if needed)
This will request the file, or files matching the wildcard given. If you gave a password, that will be used to try to pick up the file.
For example:
FREQ SECRET.ZIP !Somepassword
By default, these files will be sent back to you, one per message.

Once issued, any files requested after this command will be sent UUencoded instead of Base64 encoded.

As for UUENCODE, any files requested after this command is issued will be sent XXencoded.

This will set the encoding back to Base64 (MIME) encoded files if it was set otherwise.

This will set the number of lines used per message to encode your files. For instance: SIZE 1000 will make each message a maximum of 1000 lines long. Any file which takes more than 1000 lines to encode will be broken up into multiple messages and sent that way. (Broken up messages will be sent as multipart MIME messages.)

Will send you this help file....

Will change the destination email address of the files sent after the command is issued. For instance,
REPLY-TO bob@somewhere.com
will send any further requested files to the address bob@somewhere.com instead of the normal destination email address.

Any further commands issued after this one will be ignored.

Requestable Files

* The Following Files Are Requesatable For The Latest Updates
* For File reqeusts, Please Use The Magic File Names....

BACKBONE Fidonet International Echo Area Listing
ECHOLIST Fidonet Philippines Echo Area Listing
FIDOFORM Application Form To Join Fidonet Philippines
FIDOINFO Fidonet Philippines Information Package
FIDOPOL International Fidonet Policy 4
FILEGATE IFDC Filegate File Area Listing
FILELIST Fidonet Philippines File Area Listing
FILES Files List of The File Bank BBS!
NEW New Files on The File Bank BBS! less than 30 Days Old
NEWUP New Files on The File Bank BBS! uploaded by Callers
NODEDIFF Latest Fidonet Nodediff For Use With Fidonet Nodelist
NODELIST Current Fidonet International Nodelist
POINT Latest Point List Directory For Region 64 PHILIPPINES
R64-LIST Region 64 Philippine Nodes Fidonet Segment Nodelist