R64 Echos by NNTP

The File Bank BBS! now offers local Fidonet Philippines and Wildnet Elite! echos via NNTP 24 Hours Daily.

This means you can get your favourite local echos using the internet and your favourite usenet program such as outlook express, netscape news, free agent etc just as you do with usenet. You can receive and post messages just like you normally would on the BBS.

1. You MUST have an account at The file Bank BBS.
2. Connect via the net using your normal BBS user name and password and point your news client to:- tfb-bbs.org
3. You then need to download a list of NewsGroups (echos) and then subscribe to the one's your interested in.

If you don't have an account on The File Bank BBS!, you may also establish a internet ONLY account by creating a new account and then using the E-Mail Web Verifier, visit URL [http://tfb-bbs.org/public/tfb-menu.wct] 24 Hours a Day.

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